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Meet the Teacher

At RIS Phuket, we believes in providing quality education through well-qualified and experienced educators who possess deep subject knowledge, practical classroom experience, passion for teaching, and the ability to inspire intellectual curiosity and personal growth in students.

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Vincent Rattanopas

Mr. Vincent Rattanopas

Assistant Head of School

Teacher: Physical Education

Mr. Eric Caldwell

Curriculum Coordinator


Eric Caldwell
Heidi Fowler

Ms. Heidi Fowler

Standard And Assessment Coordinator

Teacher: Social Studies

Ms. Ashleigh Clausen

Profession Learning Community (PLC)

Teacher: Pre K

Ashleigh Clausen
Sydney Brager

Ms. Sydney Brager

Curriculum Coordinator

Teacher: Pre K

Mr. Kevin Collins

Teacher: Science

Kevin Collins
Amy Graziane

Ms. Amy Graziane

Teacher: Language Arts

Ms. Gillian Hollenstein

Teacher: Math

Gillian Hollenstein
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